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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 3, 2013, 12:09 AM

Tagged by :devicondinosaur215:

    1. You MUST post these rules.
    2. Each person has to share 10 things about them!
    3. Answer the 10 question that they asked you and invent 10 more questioned for the people you tagged.
    4.Choose 10 people and put they're icon on your journal.
    5. Go to their page to inform them you've tagged them!
    6. Not something you tagged that you've read at!
    7. You have to at LEAST tag 10 people!

     Ten Things About Me
1. I like the colours purple and red.
2. I like wolves and quite recently peacocks two...
3. I live in South Africa.
4. I am currently studying psychology and maybe going to study theology one day... in other words become a Christian pastor.
5. I am female.
6. I am asexual. Means I don't particularly find interest in males or females....
7. I bake a lot... I should really put some of the cakes I make on here xD
8. My birthday is the day after Christmas....
9. I live with my parents in a flat in their back yard.
10. I have a deep desire to own a farm... or a peacock one day....

Questions for me
   1.  You have run out of all of your favourite treats, and are forbidden from buying any more of them. What do you do?
uhm... That would be all food ruled out xD I don't have a 'favourite'  of anything. My tastes change a lot so my favourite really depends on what I'm craving that day so... deal with it and move on lol
    2.  What would you do if... everyone, including you, were teleported into the world of Equestria, and turned into ponies?
Equestria is a suburb about two hours drive from where I stay.... I supposed it would be interesting walking around watching people stare at me. Now when you say ponies do you mean MLP ponies or real ponies? hmm... I hope I'm a pretty pony.... I want wings though... oh oh oh! Maybe I can be purple! With red streaks! and a picture of a peacock feather on my butt.

    3.  Would you rather want to meet Slenderman, or Jeff the Killer?
    4.  Youtube makes it to where you can't post videos over one minute long. What do you do?
Watch videos that are under a minute long....
    5.  Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee?

    6.  PC or MAC?

    7.  You woke up to see that your house is made of cookies. Now what?
Find something to cover it so that the cookies dont get soggy when it rains... then probably go back to bed... maybe munch on the cookies... oh the house is gone.

    8.  Aliens try to take over the world. Will you fight, or hide?
Fight. definitely fight.

    9.  A friend of yours randomly asks you out in public. How do you react?
Same way I would if asked in private.... not quite know what to say... but wait... do I like them or hate them? How close are we? Is this friend male or female?

    10.  Woop, woop! Final question! What would you do, if a big giant snake was swallowing you whole? Would you accept your fate, or escape? If you chose escape... exactly how would you escape?
I would escape... I dunno how but I would escape....

My questions for everybody else!
1. Your wife is dying. She needs an expensive medicine to heal her. The medicine is still in the testing stages. You talk to the company owner and he says no. What do you do? Let her die or steal the medicine?

2. Do the maths as you go: there are four apples on the tree. Johnny picks two and the tree grows three more. Jenny then comes along and uses her magic wand to double the amount of apples and Bob picks ten. Joey then uses super-fertilizer to add 73 apples and Adam begins to sell the apples in bunches of six. After selling seven bunches to one old lady and two bunches to a young boy how will the tree feel?

3. If a madman with a blue box held his hand out to you and asked you to explore time and space with him what would you do?

4. Say you die, you become a star. But then the star falls to earth and lands on a peacock. It turns the peacock into a grand phoenock (which is a phoenix x peacock) and you become a phoenock (so now there are two) what would you do?

5. Would you ever consider having acupuncture? Administered by an eagle?

6. Twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are, 
are up above the world so high, 
like a diamond in the sky. 
Twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are?

You just sang that wrong.... (read it again)

7. What would you do if everyone's feet only had three toes except yours?

8. What would you do if everyone was the same, thought the same, looked the same and dressed the same and you were also the same? Think about this carefully.

9. Can phoenocks die? Explain.

10. 1 + 1 = ? (be creative)

:deviconkentlaiton: :deviconblairxm:

I dunno... tag yourselves... 


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South Africa

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